Tohoku Steel's strength (1) Excellent capabilities to create materials based on our long history

Diverse types of steel materials and products created based on knowhow accumulated over our long history and knowledge of raw materials

Based on deep creativity, we research new technologies in the industry and make proposals that anticipate customer needs.

"Pride in custom-made products"

Tohoku Steel's greatest strength is our ability to continuously respond to customer voices.
Almost all steel materials produced by Tohoku Steel are custom-made. Customers request the type of steel, we select the optimal type of steel materials based on the customers' usage scenarios, and then we provide the relevant technologies.In addition, we provide themas "Kirin Steel" brand.

Tohoku Steel's strength (2)Highly able to provide technological services and proposals

In response to consultations from customers on development, Tohoku Steel can add unique value.

By making the most of our accumulated knowledge and experience of steel materials, we can respond to customer consultations with services and proposals that exceed what is possible for a mere steel material provider. For example, we can make proposals to "reduce costs further," "achieve unprecedented solutions," and "provide the optimal technology for a new application."

"We sincerely address customers' issues."

Many of our customers various needs may not be satisfied by the parts they have developped.

"What property should the materials have?" "How to build an optimal process?"—Tohoku Steel mobilizes all of our technological expertise to make proposals for customers.

Tohoku Steel's strength (3) World-class, consistent quality and manufacturing / sales capabilities

Tohoku Steel can provide total cost reduction while maintaining "Japan quality" by stably providing individual items and controlling variation within lots.

Recently, the number of orders we receive from Asian countries has been increasing. Companies in these countries highly evaluate our understanding of steel material features, parts processing automation at our plants, improved forging yield, and so on. As a result, our business with Asian countries is now growing steadily.

"Enhanced global system"

To increase our manufacturing and sales capacities, Tohoku Steel has been strengthening our global system. We established an affiliate company in Thailand as an overseas manufacturing base for special steel parts machining. Recently, we established a new affiliate in India to prepare to manufacture steel material products. In addition, we provide our products to countries overseas by strengthening our partnerships with distributors.

"Environmental protection practices and a quality control system conforming to the international standards"

Scope of
ISO 14001 Main plant 2000 Activities related to manufacturing special steel products as described below:
(1) Bars, wires, square blocks, and blocks (2) Precision processed products (3) Heat treated products
ISO 9001 Steel plant 1995 Design, development, manufacturing, and supplementary service of cold drawn bars, wires, square blocks, and blocks (heat-resistant steel, pure iron, ferrite stainless steel (soft-magnetic material), stainless steel, and alloys)
Heat treatment plant 2004 Heat treatment of metal products by commissioning
Precision machining plant 2005 Manufacturing of metal processed (cold/warm forged, machined, pressed, etc.) products
IATF 16949 Steel plant 2006 Manufacturing of soft-magnetic stainless steel for automobiles (cold drawn bars and drawn wires) and heat-resistant steel for automobiles (cold drawn and drawn bars)

We aim to be a good corporate citizen in environmental conservation. Tohoku Steel has obtained ISO14001 certification, the global environmental standard.In addition, to provide higher functionality products quickly, we have obtained ISO9001, the quality control standard, as well as IATF16949, the automotive quality management standard in the US and Europe.

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