Tohoku Steel's Kirin Steel

Tohoku Steel has an 80-year history in the field of special steel; our technological service capabilities are based on a variety of knowhow.
The "Kirin Steel" name represents various materials we have developed that are custom-made and unique. "Kirin" is our brand for materials that are clearly distinct from those of other manufacturers.

About the name "Kirin Steel"

"Kirin," our trademark, is a legendary animal in the East. It has the magnificence to soar through the heavens and the power to summon saints, similar to the Pegasus in Western lore.
We adopted "Kirin" as our trademark upon our founding in 1937.
By designing our products after the mighty "Kirin" that endures flames and flies through the heavens, we intend to channel that heroic spirit into our brand in order to represent our high-grade special steel and make a name that is familiar to all.

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