80 years of history & traditions

Supporting domestic industries with knowledge and technologies that have been continuously passed down

Progression from laboratory research to actionable research

It was the proposal of Dr. Kotaro Honda of Tohoku University, a global authority in the research of physics and metallurgy, that made the foundation of Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd. possible.

Since then, we have maintained the industry's leading technological capabilities through a variety of knowledge and knowhow accumulated for over 80 years.

Tohoku Steel has established a close partnership with Tohoku University and its Institute for Materials Research (IMR). Under collaborative research exchanges, we have commercialized numerous new alloys and technologies, contributing to the development of many fields.

As a manufacturer specializing in high quality special steels, we earn customers' trust and explore the further potential of special steels in order to contribute to the development of the special steel industry and domestic industries as well as more affluent lives for people.

Top share in Japan for heat-resistant steel and soft-magnetic stainless steel

The most trusted brand in Japan with the best track record

Tohoku Steel provides materials to various fields and industries. Among these, our heat-resistant steel for intake/exhaust engine valves and our soft-magnetic stainless steel for electronic fuel injectors are used in the automobiles of more than half of Japan's leading automobile and parts manufacturers. We have a domestic market share both of approximately 50% for heat-resistant steel and soft-magnetic stainless steel (*).

These materials are vital to the important functions of engines, which are the hearts of automobiles. Thus, they must control the motion time lag to electricity turning on/off and the back-and-forth movement at a rate of several thousand times per minute under the severe condition of an exhaust air temperature of almost 1,000°C. Therefore, their materials must have high technological capabilities and consistent quality.

(*) Our internal survey

Pursuing new possibilities by industry-academia collaboration

R&D to explore the future of special steels

To live up to the spirit of the company's foundation, Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd. works together with the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) at Tohoku University and other research institutes in order to research and develop materials through industrial-academic collaboration. We believe that pursuing new materials at both university research sites and Tohoku Steel's manufacturing sites will open up the future of special steels.