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Gas soft nitriding Treatment

A low cost treatment for any shapes of products


  1. A compound layer formed during the treatment is dense with high hardness.
  2. Since this is a low temperature treatment, dimensional change can be controlled to a minimum.
  3. The compound layer formed has very few pinholes, cracking or other defects.
  4. Since corrosion resistance is remarkable, it can be used without plating.

Target materials and product usage

Material Usage
Prehardened steel (NAK, etc.)
Alloy tool steel (SKD, SKS, etc.)
High speed steel (SKH, etc.)
Steel for machine structural use (SCM, etc.)
Carbon steel (SC, etc.)
Electric parts
Machine parts
OA device parts
Die parts
Automobile parts

Heat treatment properties

[Practical examples]

[Surface hardness distribution for each material]


  • We can meet short delivery time.
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