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Environmental Efforts

We strive to create a company in harmony with the environment and local community.
While our company actively pursues R&D for materials which meet a diverse range of contemporary needs, and offers unique products through manufacturing and engineering, we are also aware of the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly coexistence with the global environment. So we are actively promoting environmental conservation efforts in every region our business is located.
*Tohoku Steel became ISO14001 certified in 2000, showing that we are in line with international standard.

Environmental Policy

  1. We comply with agreements kept with prefecture, town, industry, and regional officials based on environment-ralated regulations.
  2. While clarifying aims and objectives for environmental protection, and carrying out planned actions, we confirm activity conditions and results through self auditing, and perform necessary adjustments in a timely manner.
  3. While accurately assessing the effects of our business activities on the environment, and working to prevent pollution, we are aggressively moving forward in energy/resource conservation and recycling efforts, and are continuously making improvements to reduce overall environmental strain.
  4. We document thoroughly our environmental policy, inform the policy to all employees working at and for our organization, and make it available to the public.
>>Home >>Site Map >>Terms of Use >>Regarding the Protection of Personal Information >>Japanese