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Kirin Coat C

This has an enormous effect on improving the lifespan of high deformation, drawing and cold punching dies.


  1. Even under usage environments in which no effect can be attained with conventional coating, the lifespan of the die can be improved.
  2. It has an effect on high deformation from the bending process, etc. of stainless steel and high tensile strength steel, and on strong impact from cold punching or other processes.
  3. It is performed as a surface preparation for special nitriding, and improved adhesiveness and lifespan by alleviating the hardness gap.

Target materials and product usage

Target material By product use
Cold forging die steel
High speed steel
Sintered high speed steel
Die steel for plastics
Stainless steel
Die for press work
Cold forging die
Die for powder forming
Die for plastics
Machine parts
Tools for cutting process

[Application examples]

Punch for powder forming
Cold forging die

Heat treatment properties

[Adhesive strength]


[Usage example]



  • Coating of TiN, TiCN, TiC, TiAlN, CrN, DLC, etc are also available.
  • If you have other requirements please contact us.
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