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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

Order Lots

Just need a very small amount!

We are willing to meet demands for small lots/quick delivery for prototypes and research, or for small-quantity production.

Minimum Order (melting and forging plant)

By melting in a 1-ton vacuum furnace, products are manufactured from about 500kg per minimum charge.
We also accept orders of several tons or more.

Small quantity orders (melting and forging plant)

Using a 200 kg crucible in a 1-ton vacuum furnace, we can produce small quantities starting at 200 kg for a material.
However, since melting chances are limited, please contact us for details.
Forge finished products can be delivered within the month.

Small quantity orders for general purpose alloy products (Technical Center)

Intermediate products of some kinds of alloys are always available, from which we can process and provide various shapes in roughly 5kg minimum lot.
Here is an example of our stockpiled billets.
Please contact us regarding other materials.

    • K-MP11E (Permendur equivalent)
    • K-EL50 (Super invar equivalent)
    • K-EL70 (multi-purpose invar))
    • K-ET52 (Kovar equivalent)
    • K-MF10 (SUY-O equivalent, pure nickel)
    • K-EL50CS (Free-cutting super invar)
    • K-EL70CS (Free-cutting multi-purpose invar)
    • K-ET52CS (Free-cutting kovar)

Materials for prototype and research (Technical Center)

For special alloys that cannot be obtained on the market, or special ingredients for use in prototype or research, we can deal with lot orders of various shapes with a unit starting from several kilos in weight by melting in a 7-kg vacuum melting furnace.
We also develop new materials offering specifically desired functions, including alloy design.

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