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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

Vacuum Hardening/Tempering

We are able to provide optimally treated steels, because we are experts of developing and manufacturing materials.


  1. We can perform bright heat treatment of high speed steel (SKH, etc.) and alloy tool steel (SKD, etc.).
  2. We can perform homogeneous cooling under nitrogen gas pressure to prevent deformation of long and wide products.
  3. We can also guarantee high quality quenching of carbon tool steel (SK etc.) and carbon steel (SC etc.) with equipment that includes an oil cooling tank.

Material and application

[Process examples]

We handle all steel manufacturer brand products as well as JIS, ASTM, DIN and other materials.

Material By product use
High speed steel (SKH, etc.)
Alloy tool steel (SKD, SKS, etc.)
Carbon tool steel (SK, etc.)
Carbon steel (SC, etc.)
Steel for machine structural use (SCM, etc.)
Martensitic stainless steel (SUS440, etc.)
Metal die
Machine parts
Cutting tool

Heat treatment properties

[Dimensional change examples]

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