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Hydrogen Annealing

Hydrogen annealing of soft magnetic products is ideal when high level of magnetic properties are demanded.


  1. Hydrogen is able to eliminate impurities in the vicinity of product surface.
  2. This is ideal for achieving the high level magnetic properties that cannot be attained with vacuum annealing.
  3. According to compositions of a soft magnetic material, the ideal heat treatment condition can be selected.

Main material and product usage

Material Product use examples
Permalloy PB Choke coil cores for electrical relay of pole pieces
Permalloy PC Magnetic head cores
Magnetic shields
Electric related measurement parts

Heat treatment can be performed on all materials from material manufacturers.

Main properties


  • We offer a complete assurance system for magnetic properties.
  • Our company-produced Hc meter can be used to measure the coercive force of parts.
    However, since there is a size limit for parts, please consult with us in advance.
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