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Steel Materials

Top share in Japan for "Engine valve heat-resistant steel" and "Soft-magnetic stainless steel"

  • Through an industrial-academic alliance with Tohoku University's Institute for Materials Research (IMR), we have been developing new high performance materials.
  • We provide integrated engineering service, including manufacturing of steel materials, forging, cutting and heat-treatment.
  • About soft-magnetic stainless steel-ground bars and drawn wire for automotive industry, our quality assurance system is based on the quality management system of ISO/TS16949.
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New Products
Pb free TICS free-cutting soft-magnetic stainless steel, High hardness soft-magnetic stainless steel, Free-cutting invar / Kovar
Special Steels
Heat-resistant steel, Stainless steel
Magnetic materials
Soft-magnetic stainless steel, High permeability magnetic material, Permalloy
Low thermal expansion alloy
New Products
Special Steels
Magnetic Materials

Special Alloy(Magnetic materials, Heat-resistant alloy, Corrosion-resistant alloy, Low thermal expansion materials, Electronic materials, Evaporation base materials, Sealing materials)

Melting / forging
We provide wide variety of materials including ferrous and nonferrous alloys in a small lot and in a short period of time.
Development / testing
Our expertise technoloy can assist customers to develop new materials, manufacture prototypes, and to analyze materials and components.
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Precision Processed Products

We minimize costs with our integrated manufacturing system, from materials, to forging, cutting, and heat treatment.

  • Our material processing and development technologies are based on special steel expertise.
  • We can reduce total cost by implementing NNS (near net shape) via cold-/warm-forging of materials that are said difficult to be forged in general.
  • High-quality, high-precision processing technology for automobile parts and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts.
  • We also deal in composite processed using a special production methods.
  • Our quality assurance system is certified with ISO9001.
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Heat treatment process

Our high-quality heat treatment technologies has been developed through years of know-how gleaned via special steel manufacturing technology.

- We have two plants in Miyagi (Murata) and Ibaraki (Tsuchiura) to provide services of heat treatment and surface treatment with direct pickup and delivery available from Tohoku to Kanto regions.
- We also utilize the parcel delivery service to everywhere in Japan.
Small lots / quick delivery
We can provide quick delivery ranging from one item to bulk orders.
Safe, reliable quality assurance
Our quality assurance system is based on 30 years of experience and ISO9001 certification.
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Heat treatment
Vacuum Hardening/Tempering, Annealing for magnetic propeties, Hydrogen Annealing
Surface treatment
Kirin Coat S, Kirin Coat C, PVD treatment, Gas nitrocarburizing
Note:"TD treatment" has ended handling with the last day of March, 2017.
Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment

Device Products

Development, manufacturing, and distribution of magnetic measurement instruments using magnetic properties, and magnetic-applied products.

Automatic coercive force meter (HC meter)
This device is easy to operate and can be used to measure the coercive force of products of any shape, with remarkable accuracy and reproducibility.
MR prober
This is used to measure the magnetic properties of next-gen memory MRAM, etc. at the wafer level.
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Kirin Coat S Kirin Coat C