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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

Product Examples

We manufacture products of all composition systems, ferrous and nonferrous alike!

Fe base

Soft-magnetic high-purity iron Fe (impurity of 0.1% or less)
Highly corrosion-resistant soft-magnetic stainless steel Fe-20Cr-2Mo
Permalloy-type magnetic material Fe-45Ni, Fe-78Ni-Mo, etc.
Permendur-type magnetic material Fe-20 to 50Co-V, etc.
Invar/kovar type alloy Fe-36Ni, Fe-32Ni-5Co, Fe-30~50Ni-(Co), etc.
Free-cutting invar / kovar Free-cutting ingredient added to Fe-36Ni, Fe-32Ni-5Co, Fe-30 to 50Ni-(Co), etc.
Customized stainless wire/precision-cast base material Ferrite type, martensite type, austenite type, two-phase type, precipitation hardening steels, etc.
Mother material billet or wire for heater element Fe-Cr, Al, Si, etc.

Ni base

Pure nickel for electrodes, electronic use material Ni, Ni-Si, Mn, Al, etc.
Corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant type alloys (precision-cast base material) Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic, or equivalent
Monel alloys Ni-30Cu, etc.
Shape-memory/superelastic alloys Ni-45Ti, etc.

Co base

Target material for vapor deposition coating Co
Heat-resistant type alloys (precision-cast mother material) Co-Ni, Cr, Fe, X-45, or equivalent
Precision-cast base materials Co-10Ni-25Cr, etc.
Spring alloys Co-10 to 30Ni-10Cr, etc.

Cu base

Alloys for electronic devices Cu-30Ni, Cu-43Ni, Cu-11Mn-2Ni, etc.

Al base

Target material for coating Al

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