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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

Pb Free TICS Free-cutting Soft-magnetic Stainless Steel

As demand for Pb-free free cutting steel is high from perspective of environmental protection, we have created TICS free-cutting steel through joint development of Tohoku University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Daido Steel, and Tohoku Steel.
This material was awarded the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation's "21st Century Invention Award" in 2005.


  1. This material is environmentally friendly due to the elimination of environmentally hazardous materials such as Pb.
  2. There is no degradation of corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, or cold forging properties as with MnS free-cutting material, and the same functional characteristics are still offered.

TICS is a very safe compound, finely-dispersed in steel as a free-cutting element.

Description of materials


  • K-M35CS 13Cr-0.7Si-0.2Al-TICS
  • K-M33CS 15Cr-2Si-0.3Mo-TICS
  • K-M41CS 17.5Cr-1.2Si-0.2Al-0.3Mo-TICS

[Heat treatment condition]

  • K-M35CS 950℃×3hr-furnace cooling
  • K-M33CS 950℃×3hr-furnace cooling
  • K-M41CS 850℃×3hr-furnace cooling


[Soft-magnetic properties, pitting potential]

Softmagnetic properties, pitting potential

[Mechanical properties, hardness]

Mechanical properties, hardness

The characteristics above are those after standard heat treatment.


[TICS expansion]

TICS can also be applied to steels other than sotf-magnetic stainless steel. Pure iron type and Fe-Ni alloy type TICS are also on the market.

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