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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

High Hardness Soft-magnetic Stainless <K-M57> (Patented in 2004)

Our precipitation hardened ferritic stainless steel was the first in the world to be mass-produced, which defied the conventional wisdom that soft-magnetic stainless steels are also mechanically soft.


  1. High hardness makes it remarkably wear-resistant. Which means that hard Cr coating and other surface hardening treatment can be omitted.
  2. This has a high hardness.
  3. It offers superior magnetic properties. One of the best quality soft-magnetic stainless steels of our line-up.
  4. It offers superior corrosion resistance.

Description of materials

[Basic composition]

  • K-M57 14.5Cr-3Ni-2Mo-1Al-1Si-Cu,Ti

[Heat treatment condition]

  • Solution treatment 1050℃×2.5hr-rapid cooling
  • Aging treatment 550℃×3hr-air cooling


[Mechanical properties, hardness]


[Available manufacturing dimensions]

Dimensions: 7 to 11.5D (round bar)
Length: 2000 to 4000mm

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