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Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

High-permeability Magnetic Material

We have a wide line up of iron-based soft-magnetic materials, such as free-cutting pure iron / silicon iron with excellent magnetic properties,high saturation flux density materials, and high-permeability magnetic materials.


 Compared with common soft-magnetic iron:
  • Free-cutting pure iron (ME1F): Soft-magnetic and high cold forgeability
  • Free-cutting TICS 2.2% silicon iron (MES2CS): Lead-free free-cutting
  • Free-cutting 3% silicon iron (MES3F): High resistance and soft-magnetic
  • Permendur (K-MP11): The largest saturation magnetic flux density


Motors, relays, resolvers, magnetic actuators


[Chemical composition]

  • ME1F: Fe-0.2Pb
  • MES2CS: 2.2%Si-Fe-TICS
  • MES3F: 2.7Si-Fe-0.2Pb
  • K-MP11: 49Co-2V-Fe (permendur)

[Standard heat treatment condition]

  • ME1F, K-MF10, K-MP11 850℃×3hr-furnace cooling, in a vacuum
  • MES2CS, MES3F 950℃×3hr-furnace cooling, in a vacuum


[Soft-magnetic properties, pitting potential]

[Electromagnetic properties, pitting potential]

[Mechanical properties, hardness]

[Mechanical properties, hardness]

The characteristics above are those after standard heat treatment.


[Lead-free free-cutting steel]

Lead-free is made possible by using TICS.
MES2CS is a TICS free-cutting steel.

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