On Personal Information Protection

Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd. understands the importance of protecting personal information, and is taking the following measures regarding all personal information (hereinafter "personal information") used or acquired for in the course of business.

1.Compliance, conformance to guidelines, and maintaining in-house regulations

  1. We will comply with "Act on the protection of personal information" and the related laws.
    We will also work toward the compliance of tasks to guidelines etc. determined by political organizations.
  2. We will work to maintain in-house regulations pertaining to the management, and appropriate protection of personal information.
  3. We will take through measures to inform our employees of the above laws, guidelines, and in-house regulations.
    We will also work to continuously revise and improve our protection policy and in-house regulations.

2.General policy related to the acquisition and use of personal information

  1. When acquiring personal information, we will define our use objectives as specifically as possible.
    When acquiring personal information from the owner, we will notify the owner of our use objectives, or announce the objectives publicly.
    Moreover, after accruing personal information, we will disclose use objectives as appropriate when requested by the owner.(Excluding applications that are not covered by law.)
  2. Personal information will only be used for the objectives shown above.
    We will not change use objectives or provide personal information to a third party without the owner's prior consent.
    Upon request by the owner, we will take the appropriate steps to express our use objectives, as well as disclose, revise, or stop using the content. (Excluding applications that are not covered by law.)
  3. We will take steps to maintain the accuracy and recency of personal information to the best of our ability, and to prevent incidents such as improper access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leaking of the personal information from occurring.
  4. When personal information is to be entrusted to an outside entity, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the entrustee manages the information responsibly as determined under contract.