Company History

April 1937 Established with 500,000 yen in capital at 30 Nagamachi Azahigashiurakita, Sendai City.
1940☆ Commerced the production of heat-resistant steel.
1948☆ Began to supply heat-resistant steel to Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.
1960☆ First in the world to develop the corrosion-resistant, soft-magnetic stainless "K-M steel."
August 1961 The foundation for Promotion of Metallic Materials was established, and began annually awarding a financial incentive (The Harada Research Encouraging Award).
November 1975 Started manufacturing and selling of processed products.
October 1980 Started heat treatment business.
February 1986 Opened a heat treatment plant in Tsuchiura.
May 1990 Completed and started operation of a new heat treatment plant in Murata.
July 1991 Completed and started operation of a new precision processing plant.
November 1991 Capital increased to 827.5 million yen.
April 1992 Changed the Murata Plant to the main office and plant.
May 1992 Completed and started operation of a secondary machining plant (currently, the steel plant).
October 1993 Completed and started operation of a cold-forging plant.
December 1993 Completed and started operation of a new melting and forging plant.
September 1997 The shopping mall "The Mall Sendai Nagamachi" opened.
September 1998 Won TPM Excellent Award for Total Productive Maintenance improvement activities.
July 2005 Won the "21st Century Invention Award" of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for the next generation, Pb-free, free-cutting steel "TiCS."
November 2007 Won the "Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Chief's Award" of the Japan Institute of Invention for the high hardness, soft-magnetic stainless steel "K-M57."
May 2011 Established TOHOKU Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
September 2013 Developed soft-magnetic stainless steel "K-M38CS" for fuel batteries in collaboration with Tohoku University.
December 2013 Developed new magnetostrictive materials in collaboration with Hirosaki University and Tohoku University.
January 2016 The surface treatment process "Kirin Coat C" series was qualified as MIYAGI SUGURE MONO.
February 2016 Developed an IoT sensor system in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Institute of the Miyagi Prefectural Government.
April 2016 Developed the surface treatment "TM3 (TM Cube) series" in collaboration with Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
May 2017 Established TOHOKU STEEL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED in India. (Under Construction)
February 2018 Conducted joint development with Tohoku University for magnetostrictive composite material sheets with vibration power generation that surpasses that of piezoelectric transducers.