Term of Use

Term of Use

When accessing and viewing our company website (hereafter "this website")Please understand in advance that you will be subject to the following terms of use and related laws.
Use of this website is prohibited for those who will not agree to the following.

1. Range of Use

Unless otherwise specified, our company and affiliates claim ownership of all content (hereafter "this content") posted on this website as well as all posting rights.
This content (the images, sounds, text, etc.) can be freely viewed, but usage without prior consent is prohibited regardnless of methods of objectives (this include but is not limited to copying, distribution, alteration, public transmission, reuse and forwarding).
If this content is used without our consent, it may be in violation of copyright/trademark laws, or infringe on our rights of portrait/privacy.
However, a portion of this content can be downloaded for personal, noncommercial, or family use.
But even in such a case, we cannot guarantee that the rights of a third party will not be infringed upon.

2. Use of Trademarks, etc.

All names, trademarks, logos, and service marks (hereafter "trademarks, etc") posted on this website are either the property of our company and affiliates or are being used under license.
Usage of these trademarks etc. has not been permitted to users through this website.
Improper use of the trademarks, etc. or other content on this website, as well as use without prior consent (or use which is not clearly covered by this conditions of use) from this company or its licensers (from whom we have received a license) is strictly prohibited.

3. Content Guarantees

We work to ensure the accuracy and recency of content on this website, including future outlook information, but cannot guarantee that it will be complete in all cases. Moreover, we will not be held responsible for inaccuracies or failure to post under any circumstances.
In particular, future outlook information may be quite different from actual performance due to a variety of factors.
Moreover, we provide this content with no guarantee, whether express or implied, of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, etc.

4. Exemption Certificate

Use or viewing of this site will be done at the user's own risk (self-responsibility). The creators and distributors of this site at our company, and others related in this website, will not be held responsible for any damage caused by accessing or using this website or its contents, or for resulting repair costs, etc.)This includes direct or indirect damage to computer or network systems.

5. Non-solicitation in Securities Trading

This website will not be used to encourage the purchase of our company issued stock, corporate bonds, or other securities, and will not provide an application for sale.
This content is not made available with an objective of providing investment advice related to the buying and selling of our securities, or the securities of other companies.

6. Link Sites

Our company does not confirm the content of links from this site, or links to this site from a third party website (hereinafter "link sites").
Moreover, we will not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the user related to the content or use of content from a link site.
When this website links to a third party website, we do not guarantee the products or services of that website, and the information on a link site has been guaranteed or endorsed by our company.