Environmental initiatives

Environmental policy

Tohoku Steel, which provides distinctive products through manufacturing and engineering technology as well as research and development for materials that meet the diversifying needs of the times, recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is an important issue to be addressed by all mankind and has established an environmental policy as specified below for the purposes of working actively to protect the environment in all our business activities, contributing to the local community and the global environment, and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

  1. Comply with not only environmental laws and regulations but also with agreements with local governments, industries, local communities, and other stakeholders
  2. Clarify objectives and goals for environmental protection and improvement and act in a systematic way in accordance with such objectives and goals, monitor environmental activities and their results periodically and review the objectives and goals in a timely manner for continuous improvement
  3. Strive to ascertain the impact of our business activities on the environment accurately and prevent environmental pollution and actively introduce technology and equipment with a lower environmental impact in an effort to promote resource conservation and reduce environmental impact, including cutting back CO2 emissions, recycling by-products, minimizing the discharge of waste, and improving work yields
  4. Make environmental policy known to all people who work with and for the organization by documenting it and disclose the documented policy to external parties

Environmental management system

We have introduced an ISO14001-based environmental management system. We acquired ISO14001 certification in 2000, and in order to ensure that our management system is operating smoothly and continuously, we are making all-out efforts to implement the PDCA cycle so that the environmental policy, goals, and plans are carried out without fail.

    Registration year Scope of registration
ISO 14001 Main plant 2000 Activities related to manufacturing special steel products as described below:
(1) Bars, wires, square blocks, and blocks (2) Precision processed products (3) Heat treated products

Environmental management cycle

Environmental management cycle

Environmental management promotion structure

In accordance with the environmental policy, we decide annual environmental policy through discussions at the Environmental Committee.
The Environmental Committee shares related laws and ordinances and other types of information, reports the progress made regarding the environmental goals to the director in charge, and promotes throughout the company case studies on excellent environmental efforts made in various departments.
We have constructed a system that allows the Environmental Committee to share information on important environmental issues with the Executive Officers Meeting, Management Council, and Risk Management Committee so that we can address them on a company-wide scale.
We strive to prevent vibration and noise by assigning managers whose role is to minimize such nuisances.
Our initiatives for carbon neutrality are reported to the Environmental Committee for information sharing.

Environmental training

Paying particular attention to environmental training, we are striving to develop human resources who are capable of promoting environmentally-aware business activities.
In the area of environmental pollution, we have managers who are responsible for the prevention of noise, vibration, air pollution and water contamination and we recommend that employees obtain relevant licenses, and support them in this regard.
In the field of energy, we recommend that employees obtain an energy manager’s license, and support them in this regard.
We are also striving to develop persons who have qualifications as internal auditors based on the ISO14001 environmental standards.